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The long-awaited vanguard from the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Stoned Statues are an alt-metal trio demanding justice for all and standing their ground: never more so than on their new album Guardian. Brimming with punk attitude, catchy melodies, and breathtakingly powerful vocals courtesy of Jenna Kosunen, Stoned Statues deliver their own brand of melodic metal influenced by anything from the 60s to the modern day, to their Finnish heritage adding “its own weird mix”.

Guardian guides the listener through a melange of emotional conquests on a journey to meet said Guardian. The album is packed full of emotion and questions surrounding addiction, empowerment, and self-reflection, all accompanied by visionary songwriting, killer riffs, and soaring vocals. These questions come to head on the concluding title track; some are answered, some are not, departing with a bigger question being posed: do we really need to know anything?

Stoned Statues

Stoned Statues is a trio packed with punk attitude, demanding justice for all and standing their ground, ’cause no one else is gonna do it for you.

The band was born out of the childhood friends (Allu Tanskanen & Markus Hakala) shared passion for music. They had been working on different projects together for some years. Making mostly metal, something between Gojira, Slipknot and Stam1na.

It was until 2019 when the missing piece of the puzzle was found. Jenna Kosunen and Allu met at Ahlman’s music school in Tampere where they were studying together. She was a perfect match with the boys and had all the missing elements. Catchy melodies with a powerful yet beautiful voice to cut through the wall of sound they were making. Soon they started playing shows and working on their own sound. Mixing metal & prog together with rock & pop elements.

Stoned Statues‘ self-title debut album was be released in May 2022. The album got great reviews, for example 5/5 from Finland’s biggest music magazine Soundi. After the album release, the band played on many festival such as Knotfest, Provinssi and Rockfest. The album also got three Emma Award (Finnish Grammy) nominations at Emma Gaala 2023.

In November 2022 Stoned Statues returned with a new single Until Falling and was followed by the second single Not That Real in March 2023. The band had already introduced the song to live audiences during the album release tour.


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Management & PR

Katja Vauhkonen

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Booking – Fullsteam

Ari Koskinen

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+358 400 808 952

Label – Sakara Records

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Drums: Allu Tanskanen

Vocals & Bass: Jenna Kosunen

Guitar & Vocals: Markus Hakala